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Voodoo To Bring Ex back

Voodoo To Bring Ex Back: How To Use A Voodoo Doll

by Louisiana Voodoo Rituals

Do you want your ex back? Of course, you do. That is the reason why you are reading this article. I know that when someone you love walks away from your life, the devastating feeling may make you believe that they will never come back again. But I am here to tell you that you can successfully use voodoo to bring ex back.  

Getting back with an ex-lover is not as difficult as many people want to make it. Discover how you can use voodoo to bring ex back fast

I know that we have written many other articles on this website explaining how powerful voodoo to bring ex back works. Today, I will be focusing on something that we don’t often talk about: return a lost lover with a voodoo doll. I know that the voodoo doll is shrouded in mystery, and many people tend to misunderstand it. This is the reason why I think we should take some time to talk about it.

The History Of The Voodoo Doll

To understand the voodoo doll, let’s start by getting an understanding of the history of the voodoo doll. Even though the knowledge regarding the beginning of voodoo and its other symbols like the voodoo doll is not clear to historians, we know that the dolls that people use today when they cast real voodoo to bring ex back emanated from around Central to West Africa. 

The earliest we know about anything that resembled a voodoo doll is the wooden figures made to resemble the human being sometime in the 19th Century. This wooden figure, called minkisi (which loosely translated to “things that do things”) were created by people who lived in a place that today became part of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. 

So, how do the wooden voodoo dolls of the 19th Century relate to voodoo to bring ex back fast? The idea is that the doll captures the spirits of the dead so that the living can use it. This happens through a complicated relationship between the people and the spirits. It also speaks to the tenants of the voodoo religion, which stipulates that the human connection with God happens through the departed spirits.

How Voodoo Dolls Are Used

Many people looking for online voodoo to bring ex-back are often told that voodoo dolls are evil. This is a view that comes from the way these dolls are portrayed in the media and politics. For instance, look at ant film that depicts voodoo dolls, and you will realize that the dolls are always cast in a bad light.  

There are several reasons why anything to do with voodoo is cast in bade light in the media. The main one is that when people do not understand something, they often start to believe that it is evil. Another reason is that voodoo arrived in the West with black slaves. To discourage the slaves from following their religions, their new masters spread propaganda that made Christianity look good. Any other religions look bad.

Also, if you look at the media in general, it is mostly in the whites’ hands. Thus, it is not surprising when it promotes all things that are while and casts those from black communities as evil. It’s time for us black people and anyone who wants to return lost love with voodoo spells to start questioning what we think we know.

Now, Let’s Look At Some Of The Uses Of The Voodoo Doll.

One of the most popular uses of the voodoo doll is where it is made in someone’s image. For example, if you want to learn how to bring ex back using the voodoo doll, you will need to start by learning how to make the doll while envisioning your ex in your mind. 

When you make the voodoo doll to get ex back, you will need to start by practicing how to envision something in your mind. Of course, the doll does not have to be the same as the person you are targeting. You will make it the same by your ability to create the connection between the doll and person through the energy you create in your mind. 

Use A Picture

It’s not always possible that you will have all the materials to make the doll yourself. While you can buy the doll from a shop, not all of us have the money. However, suppose you have a picture of the person you are targeting. In that case, you can always return lost love fast with voodoo, a voodoo doll made from a picture.

Find the best picture of the person that you want to get back with. You will need a picture that shows the entire body from the legs to the head. Cut a piece of cloth into the shape of the picture. Saw the piece of cloth and the picture together and create the doll.

Using Personal Stuff

Since you were with the person you want to bring back, it should be easy to get that person’s personal stuff to make a doll. If there is an old shirt they left in your house when they left off a sock, you can cut them and use them to make a doll if you can get their hair, the better because your doll will have something that is naturally connected to your ex. 

Using Voodoo To Bring Ex Back

Before you reunite with your ex-lover with a voodoo doll, there is an important step that you need to do: clearing the doll. What you need to know is that all the material you have used to create the doll came with different energies. You need to clear the doll of these energies before you can use it. 

To clear the doll, you could either consult an experienced spell caster of doing it for yourself. If you are doing it for yourself, you need to place your open hand over the doll and say whatever you want but ask all the energies to leave. Otherwise, you can wash the doll in salty water and leave it to dry in a room with your choice’s incense.

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